Battlefield 2

Well today EA Games released the Battlefield 2 1.03 patch. This patch has ruined the integrity of the game by automatically giving all players at least 1 undue promotion. I have seen some people get upwards of 5 promotions in 1 round. This is completely unfair rto those of us who were trying to get additional points to make it to the next level. Yes the difference between the upgrades was a tad too much, but it made people work for it. Now you get a promotion without even trying to do anything… which I think is a bunch of shit. I don’t know how long I will be playing Battlefield 2, because of this patch. And, now it seems as though one hit and you’re killed, yet I can never seem to hit anybody even with a good weapon… oh well… just something else not to do anymore…

Itunes Music

I bought 7 ITunes songs last night, they are as follows:

Lila McCann – I’m Amazed
Jessica Andrews – Summertime Girl
Shannon Brown – Corn Fed (New artist)
SheDaisy – God Bless the American Housewives
Chris Cagle – Miss Me Baby
Kenny Chesney – Who’d You Be
Big and Rich – Comin’ to Your City

I might go and purchase some more…. we’ll see


Well I’ve got my dvds website up and running… I haven’t changed the colors from the books page yet, but I will get to it soon. Check it out: DVDs


for those who know of the “shotgun” game, here’s a website with official rules: Shotgun Rules. These rules are quite intriguing… I didn’t realize that there were so many rules… I might print out a copy of this and keep it in my visor like they suggest….

Work Yesterday and Today

Well yesterday was great, yeah, that’s it… I got called in Early because West didn’t have any internet connection at all…. so I spent an hour an a half trying to figure out why it wasn’t working… I went between downtown and West 4 times, it was the CSU/DSU that wasn’t working downtown… so after that I had some other things to finish at West so I went back…. Went out to Church Road to setup some new dumb terminals… but that didn’t work, because the scanners won’t work with the new terminals… so I went out to Eola and setup their terminals… those didnt’ have barcode scanners so they were ok…. then I went back downtown… and left at about 3:30….

So I went home to get my charger for my phone, and went to school… it was pouring the whole way there… went to class but at the end of class the power went out…. I’m thinking it was only part of the campus that went out… but who knows… it went back on before I left…

today at work I helped do interviews for a new computer assistant at Eola, so I won’t have to be out there on Thursdays and Saturdays… most of the applicants were ok, we’ll see which one we hire…

well Michelle N came back from having her baby, she and her daughter, Meredith are doing well…

I got a letter from COD for Phi Theta Kappa. This isn’t the first time…. it’s like the fourth or fifth one I’ve gotten… maybe this time I will actually fill it out and send it in, or go and pay the $65 lifetime membership fee… we’ll see….

The work day

Well I managed to put 30 miles on my car for work, running around trying to get stuff fixed and setup, since the city changed the way they do some things.

I am now officially finished with CCNA 3’s labs, including the final lab. Which took a better part of the night, but wasn’t too bad… only 4 hours total… not too difficult.

I’m currently reading a paper Erin wrote for her English class… the book is very boring, I attempted to read it, but stopped half-way though..


This is from Alan Alda, who has a new book that I’m going to buy later today…. this is from an interview with Jon Stewart..

“Republicans are just as capable of moving the country as anybody else, they just don’t do it ”

Now that is absolutely true….


well I finished all of my labs for the 3rd CCNA class tonight… so now I’m working on the Final Lab, my teacher is trying to make it difficult, but I don’t think it will be that difficult. I think I’ve got the whole setup done, but now I have to actually start setting this up so I see if it works like it’s supposed to. We’ll see

cisco router

I setup my cisco router to work with my cable modem… now I only have to allow it access to my website in order to get this thing to work… oh well, I know nobody can read this but you will when it’s back up…. I’ve spent 8 hours tonight alone getting this thing to work, now our internet connection is faster… which is always good.