cisco 1811 router

My new router should be here tomorrow by 10:30 am… I paid for the overnight shipping by 10:30 am… so I hope it’s here earlier so I can have some time to play with it and set it up so I can access it from school… we’ll see… I’ll let everybody know more tomorrow..

cisco equipment

I’ve purchased some cisco equipment… well I borrowed the money from my brother, but the Cisco Router with Wireless has been ordered. It’ll take 3 – 6 days, and it’s being overnighted by 10:30 am. which is cool….

broken equipment

So my brother wanted to build a computer… no problem…. got everything, brought it home, tried to boot it up… no dice… kept trying different things… all comes down to a bent pin on the processor, so now he has to go and buy another one tomorrow… which of course sucks… but oh well…

which cisco equipment to purchase… still unsure…. any thoughts, anybody…?

Now I'm pissed.

The headphones I bought less than a month ago are broken now. they snapped and won’t go back together… damn headphones. Why do the cheap headphones always last longer?


I don’t know how well this CCNA class is going to go… I can’t finish the quizzes early, they have to be taken during class… which is sort of a pain. I was sort of looking forward to finishing the class a little early and being able to start the next one to get most of my work done before the end of the semester so I could take my CCNA ICND certification exam early, like before christmas. we’ll see maybe I still can….

Driving To Work

Women who drive minivans should be taken off of the road, they are always in a hurry and do not follow the rules of the road, nor the speed limit. I was on McCoy nearing the Kane County line, where it merges down to one lane. Traffic merges left into my lane. This woman in her minivan decided to try and pass me because she didn’t want to wait. I was doing the speed limit, because the A-Po are notorious for stopping people on McCoy, and she switches lanes to the right lane and speeds up, and doesn’t seem to care, so I kept going and she almost hit my car, idiot. So she had to wait, too bad for her, and she was only going to the Hometown Sub division, isn’t not like she was going into downtown Aurora, I bet she’s never even been down there. “I don’t want to get shot”, is most people’s response.

Movin' Out (The Musical)

I got an e-mail today from Movin’ Out mailing list, saying they’re going to stop showing Movin’ Out on Broadway. Kinda sad… but while looking at today, I found out they’re coming to Chicago, so I’ve decided that I’m going to take Erin to see it in June or July of Next year… yes, for those who really know me, I don’t usually want to see musicals… but this has Billy Joel music, so it can’t be that bad.