This is from Alan Alda, who has a new book that I’m going to buy later today…. this is from an interview with Jon Stewart..

“Republicans are just as capable of moving the country as anybody else, they just don’t do it ”

Now that is absolutely true….


well I finished all of my labs for the 3rd CCNA class tonight… so now I’m working on the Final Lab, my teacher is trying to make it difficult, but I don’t think it will be that difficult. I think I’ve got the whole setup done, but now I have to actually start setting this up so I see if it works like it’s supposed to. We’ll see

cisco router

I setup my cisco router to work with my cable modem… now I only have to allow it access to my website in order to get this thing to work… oh well, I know nobody can read this but you will when it’s back up…. I’ve spent 8 hours tonight alone getting this thing to work, now our internet connection is faster… which is always good.


I’m really starting to get irritated with Bestbuy, they have no selection of music, and their prices are always way too damn high. Here’s the comments I sent to Bestbuy regarding the Aurora, Illinois Store.

“I am frustrated with the lack of selection of music at the Aurora, Illinois store. There is only a limited selection of Country Music titles. The only selection are the ones that will sell the most copies, this is disparing for country music listeners. And this is particularly discouraging, since Country music is the most rapidly growing group of listeners in the Chicagoland area.

Additionally, I do not like this store being referred to as Naperville, Illinois, when it is in the city limits of Aurora, Illinois.

The following is directly from the Bestbuy.com Website:

“Naperville IL 4400 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60504 “”

Additionally, I sent one asking how a company can categorize a product as “available at most stores”, when there are only two stores within the state of Illinois that actually have the item…. I’m awaiting responses from them.


Erin asked me earlier “do you think you could not talk to me for a few days, weeks, or months”… wonder why… I asked her the same question, she’s like “are you nuts”… remember, she can’t go more than a few hours without talking to me… but I gotta love her anyway.


Ok, so my brother, my dad and myself all went to the boat to do some gambling… my brother gave me $100 to spend, I left with $80 of it and now he wants it back… should I give it back to him, or should I keep it? everybody else’s thoughts?


I did buy 1 year of support from CDW for my router, about $100 for that… but that will give me updates if I need them and some other access for things, so we’ll see if I need it at all.

router and ipod

Ok, so my router is cool, I can do a whole lot with it, I haven’t really had a ton of time to play with it, but I will eventually….

I found out something rather interesting today, Apple announced the IPOD Nano, it’s the size of pencil, and on apple.com, the ipod mini isn’t on apple.com anymore, and It’s no longer available from apple. There is also a limited time offer for a Harry Potter Ipod… I’d like to get one, but I don’t have 548.00 for it and the books. And, I already own all of the audio books.

Harry Potter Ipod

There’s also a new Itunes phone exclusively at cingular… I could buy one, but I don’t have another $249.00 to spend on that, so forget that idea (for now)

cisco 1811 router

My new router should be here tomorrow by 10:30 am… I paid for the overnight shipping by 10:30 am… so I hope it’s here earlier so I can have some time to play with it and set it up so I can access it from school… we’ll see… I’ll let everybody know more tomorrow..