I was on my way home today, at the corner of Long Grove and Ogden, we had the green light, out of nowhere comes a guy on a bike, I had to slam on my brakes to make sure I didn’t hit him. moron. Also, when I went to cash a check I wanted the money put into my account, of course they couldn’t do that, they gave me the money, I specifically had written down, per the instructions, to add the check to my checking account… oh well…

As for work, I had to run out to our West branch twice today, I started there and then had to go back because of some problems…. that’s always fun…

that’s about it for today, I did manage to clean out some stuff I meant to take out a few weeks back tonight, but it’s still no where close to being clean. I also filled up the air in the tires… 3 of them were pretty low… one extremely low… I still need an oil change… Thursday maybe

School starts next Wednesday, 4 hours of class time, 6:30 – 10:20.. I still need to read more of the book…

I know this is going to sound corny, but I miss Erin, yeah, I know she’s only been gone for 2 days, but still….


Well Erin left for school yesterday, it’s sad. I got a call from her today saying she can’t get on the internet because the switch she bought isn’t working… that’s weird… it was working yesterday, oh well she’ll call back later to see if we can fix it.


I was listening to the KFI’s Tech Guy podcast #168, and he mentioned this, now owned by Yahoo, that allows widgets, or little programs within this larger program.. it’s interesting… I found a few widgets I’m going to use. It’s free, so try it.

CCNA Intro Exam

Well I did pass my INTRO exam, it was easier than I thought, yet I didn’t do as well I had hoped, I only got a score of 860 out of 1000, while 825 is needed to pass… wonder where I went wrong… oh well, I passed, I guess that’s all that matters.

Certification Test

well I have my certification test tomorrow at 1:30… This will be interesting… the only bad part is that I can’t go back if I want to change an answer… oh well… we’ll see how I do.


it’s always fun when computers don’t work… well that was work day…

I’m letting Erin take my laptop to school with her, so instead of buying a computer she bought a flat panel for her room, she was all excited to not have to spend money on a laptop. Her dad and I both thought that because I’m letting her use my laptop, she was buying the flat panel for me… but of course not… I don’t use the laptop that often anyway to the point where It will be that big of a difference in my day…

anyway, I know I haven’t posted much, not much to say, nor much time for posting… I have to study for a certication exam… only 570 pages left in my book… yippie.

CCNA Voucher Exam

I just got finished taking the CCNA 1 and 2 INTRO exam voucher exam… you only need a 70% in order to get the voucher to take the actual INTRO test… I got a 93.7%. I actually printed out the results just to make sure that I have a record that I actually passed the thing. thought I would update everybody.


I finished my final, got a 91%, which is an A, that’s what I think I’ll be getting for the entire class…

next big thing is to take the certification exam… how fun… luckily there are two practice ones I can take.