I have to argue with Jewel’s take on Love:

She stated

“Romantics… Sara said it best. Love does not exist. The old meaning the new meaning the half ass meaning. The word is misused severely. For instance when most guys and when I say most I mean 99.999999999999999999% between the ages of 14 and 30 say it they just want to get laid. That’s it plain and simple. You’ve been with a girl long enough and you’re not getting any action just act serious and say it and boom chances just sky rocketed. The thing is it’s not even the guys faults. I mean if women weren’t too stupid to fall for the trick then shit like this wouldn’t happen. It makes me mad not because there is a chance that you will knock up the poor defenseless woman thus making the world suffer because one of your spawn has blessed the world with it’s shitty presence… nope not it. It’s because you can’t get laid without using the L word. It’s pretty shitty if you can’t woo a girl by any other method except making her think she’s special then you need to just stick to masterbation. “

Not all guys who fall into the 14 to 30 range use the “L” word (as you call it) just to get Laid… some of them actually say, and mean it. (yes, new concept, I know) Although, I do have to contend that there is a no physical object of Love, it’s all emotional and abstract item, therefore one persons definition of Love may be different than another persons… Except, there seems to be a social concensus that some actions cannot count as Love.

Cisco Wireless

I’m getting fed up of trying to figure out why the wireless portion of my Cisco 1811 isn’t working when I configure it for open authentication. Simple SSID, open authentiction, and that’s it. If anybody has any ideas let me know.

RSS and Podcasts

I removed the RSS Feeds on the Left hand side of my blog, since the CurrentNews site takes care of those. So I added a list of podcasts that I listen to, or watch on a regular basis. Most of them I listen to whenever there’s a new episode out.

West Wing

So I watched West Wing tonight, I haven’t seen any of the other episodes from this season, but It was Live, so I watched it. It was a Live Debate between the two presidential candidates in the show. All I have to ask is Can I get the Matt Santos Medicare Plan?

CCNA 4 Quizzes

WEll I’ve taken all six for class… Here are the results of them:

Quiz 1: 95.7%
Quiz 2: 87.9%
Quiz 3: 97.8%
Quiz 4: 100% (shocked, it was ISDN PRI/BRI)
Quiz 5: 93.2%
Quiz 6: 89.5%

anyway, I got the following question in the third quiz:

A technician has used Telnet to gain remote access to a router that has no connectivity on its serial interface. Which command should be issued to determine if the serial cable is connected properly?

show controllers
show processes
show run
show status

My question is how is the technician gained access “remotely” if there was only one serial interface on the router, it would be completely impossible…. This is a great example of how Cisco’s Quizzes are completely skewed….

anyway, the answer (if anybody cares) is Show Controllers, which will show whether layer 1 or layer 2 are currently configured properly… and my guess is that on this question, they were not. Well layer 1 might have been, but I can’t say for sure without more information.

Website Update

I added current news to my website. It’s all about technology at the moment, but I can add more. It is supposed to be updated automatically, but I’m not sure if it does. Let me know what you think.

streaming video

I found a good streaming video capture program called SDP. There was a streaming video feed I wanted to download, but of course I couldn’t… but now I found a way to have it work… I’ll let everybody know how well the software works.


so, my car window got smashed again yesterday, no idea how, no idea why. The officer, who happened to be the same person that came out last time, says it was a bebe gun. I dont’ know, but oh well nothing I can do about it.

Secondly, a thing that bugs me is that people call the New IPod, the “Video IPod”, when in all actuality it’s not the “Video IPod”. It’s an IPod that plays Video as well as music. There’s no way that the current IPod with Video would be considered the “Video IPod”, because the battery life is entirely too short. only 2 hours while watching Video, how is that suitable as a video IPod… its’ not… so just call it an IPod that can play video.

Sox Win

Sox just won the world series, They swept the Astros 4 – 0, while winning in Minute Maid Stadium… Final Score: 1 to 0.