Older macOS Books

Here are the older macOS Books that I have published.

Despite macOS being a mature operating system, the new version macOS Mojave (10.14) contains a bunch of new features. Some of the new features covered include Dark Mode, Screenshots & Markup, and the redesigned Mac App Store.

Besides the new features there are some major changes too including ones to Finder, Safari, and using unique passwords on each website. There are also four brand new applications that are coming from iOS. We look at these in-depth. These apps are Stocks, News, Home, and Voice Memos.

Server Administrators see some big changes with macOS Mojave and these are covered as well.

For Developers we cover Xcode changes include performance improvements, object libraries, editing enhancements, and code folding improvements. We look at implementing Dark Mode within your apps, Notarized apps, and implementing Finder Actions.

There are some new frameworks that are covered as well. These include the Network Framework, Natural Language, improvements to CoreML and a related framework called CreateML.

For web developers we cover MapsKitJS, MusicKitJS, and secure loading of content.

No Apple developer book is complete without a discussion of the changes around Apple’s own programming language, Swift. We cover some of the recent changes as well as some future ones.

You can get the ePub from Apple for $3.99, or the Kindle version from Amazon for $3.99.

In addition to the e-book, there are paperbacks. These are available from Amazon. There are two editions, a Color and a Black & White. The color is $39.99 and the Black & White version is $12.99.

macOS High Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers covers topics for all types of users. Some of the areas covered include new additions and changes to Photos, Safari enhancements, updates to Mail, Notes, iCloud, Siri, and the Apple File System (APFS).

maOS High Sierra for administrators covers some changes around File Sharing, Caching Service, Time Machine Server, and Xcode Server. Along side this, a layout of all of the new and changed Profile Manager payloads and options. 

Lastly for developers, some of the topics covered include changes to Swift, Xcode 9 changes included the Code Editor Window, Source Control, Colors, and developing on iOS. Other topics include APFS, AirPlay 2, Metal 2, CoreML, 32-bit Apps, and external graphics.

macOS High Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers has something for every type of user to learn all about the new features that are within macOS.

macOS High Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers is available from Apple in either iBooks, or ePub format. It is $3.99. You can order the kindle version from Amazon for $4.99.

If you prefer a physical version, you can order the color version is $39.99, £29.99, or €30.99. from CreateSpace or Amazon. The ISBN for this version is 978-1975847265.

The black and white version is $12.99, £10.99, or €11.99 and is also available from CreateSpace, Amazon or even Barnes & Noble. Either edition can be ordered from any bookseller and libraries can even order a copy if they want to. This should be able to be done through their normal channels, or they can just order it from Amazon as well. Just use the ISBN 978-1975847302.

macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers is a book that covers all of the new features of macOS Sierra. For users, some of the categories covered are the new name, Siri, changes to Photos, the Apple Watch and your Mac, Storage updates, Messages, Safari changes, and the Apple File System (APFS).

For Server Administrators, some of the items include updates to permissions, Apple Classroom, security updates, and other supported changes.

For developers, the changes in Xcode as well as Swift 3 are covered. Along side these, the new frameworks that have been unveiled by Apple are discussed.

No matter what your level of expertise, macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers has something for everybody.

Just like the iOS 10 book, macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers is available in ePub and iBooks versions, and Amazon ePub format.

The book is available on Apple’s iBooks Store in both iBooks format as well as ePub format. You can also purchase it from Amazon if you prefer using the Kindle app or e-reader.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan for Users, Administrators and Developers covers many of the new features within the operating system. For users, we cover the new Split View, the changes to the cursor, the new San Francisco Font, changes to Spotlight, upgraded Notes, improvements to Apple Maps, and the new features of Safari.

For administrators we cover the big changes to application assignment and other changes to Profile Manager, the overall look, some file sharing changes, the improved softwareupdate command, the implications of security changes, and built-in application versions.

For developers we look at the new Apple Developer account, Xcode 7, the new frameworks like Metal, GameplayKit, and Network Extension. We also look at the changes developers need to make for security, Swift 2, changes to Objective-C and CloudKitJS.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: for Users, Administrators, and Developers looks at all of the new features of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, including Handoff, SMS Relay, the updated look, Extensions, and changes to Safari and much more.

For Server Administrators we look at the ability to customize connectivity globally as well as on a per-service level and the implications of some configurations. Also discussed is the new “Reachability” feature and security.

For the Developers we take a look at the new Frameworks available with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the changes to Xcode, and a brief look at Swift.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite for Server Administrators is available from Apple by clicking here or Amazon by going here.


New Features including Finder Tabs, Finder Tags, Multi-Monitor support changes, new applications like iBooks and Maps, and iCloud Keychain. Additional features like App Nap, Compressed Memory, and even Game Controller Support.

New Server features include changes to Server.app, changes to File Sharing Protocols, Caching Server, statistics, and Server.app’s new service, Xcode Services. Additional changes of Daemons and Libraries is also covered.

You can purchase the title from Amazon in Kindle Format, ePub from the Google Play store, from iTunes in ePub or iBooks format.


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Server Review is just that, it’s an overview of all of the aspects of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The Review covers aspects from Notification Center, new features in Safari, Game Center, and Sandboxing. In addition to general users, the Server Administrators could benefit from the review as well.

You can purchase it for Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play.