Movies Anywhere

One of the possible downsides to having so many different purchasing options is that in oder to get the best deals, you have to stop around. One area where people look for deals is with movies. The biggest problem to today’s movie landscape is that there are two main competitors, when it comes to purchasing […]

European Union E-book Pricing

Beginning January 1st, 2015, prepare for E-book prices in the European Union (EU) to rise. There reason for increased e-book prices is because the EU is going to be changing the rules on Value Added Tax (VAT) that is require for e-book prices. Currently, e-book retailers like Amazon and Apple have been using the Distributor’s […]

Google Reader

I don’t think google reader gets enough credit for some of the little additions that it puts into the software. I use Google reader exclusively as my RSS aggregation utility of choice. Not only because it’s simple to use, but mostly because then I do not have to worry about syncing between multiple clients, and […]

Tip: iPhone Photos

To pull your iPhone photos off of your phone, connect it to any computer, and use your favorite Photo application to obtain the images. on the Mac, you can use IPhoto, this will preserve the XIF data and import the photos. They are initally at 1600×1200 resolution. On windows, feel free to use MSPaint or […]