Apple’s Answers on Security

Last week Apple’s CEO Time Cook published a letter regarding Apple’s stance on refusing to follow a judge’s order. This created uproar within the technology community; and rightfully so given the ramifications that this case will have on future generations. This morning Apple has published a Frequently Asked Questions page regarding their letter. I recommend […]

Streaming Companies: How to Improve the Customer Experience

It is the season to watch halloween-based or scary movies. Now I have my list of halloween/scary movie that I watch every year. The list is at the end of this article. Weirdly, I had watched all of the movies that I normally see so I went looking for more. I subscribe to Netflix and […]

Missing aspect to fully Autonomous Cars

One of the improvements that many people have been thinking about is autonomous cars. We know that Google is working on autonomous cars. it has been speculated that Apple is also working on autonomous cars. Earlier this week I was listening to episode 171 of the 99 Percent Invisible podcast titled “Johnnycab (Automation Paradox, pt. […]