Weird Al Story

Bob, The Saga Begins when I was being a Cough Potato while watching Jerry Springer, The Brady Bunch, and Jurassic Park on Frank’s 2000″ TV, by Syndicated Inc., because I was too Fat to go to The Hardware Store and get Another Tattoo due to the need to have Another One Rides The Bus, Ricky. […]

Billy Joel Story

Only the Good Die Young, with Scenes from an Italian restaurant, as told by the Angry Young Man who wished of Street Life Serenades, but only heard the Piano Man, The Entertainer, who was singing about an Uptown Girl. He does it All for Leyna, but Don’t Ask Me Why he wondered about why We […]

Daily Run Down 10/21/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. The Founder of Penthouse, Bob Guccione, has died. A study has found that women give more to charities than men. Toyota has recalled 1.53 Million vehicles due to brake fluid and fuel pump issues. Oak Brook Police are looking to fire the son of Drew Peterson. A Saudi prince […]

Daily Run Down 10/20/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. The US Federal government has been forced to admit that it is legal to take pictures of federal buildings. Apple’s Own website has outted a couple new products. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been hospitalized. A federal judge has affirmed her decision on ‘Don’t ask, Don’t Tell’. […]