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Charlie Bartlett vs. Ferris Bueller

So Jenny and I went to go and see Charlie Bartlett tonight. I really liked the movie. It wasn’t boring, or slow at any point. Anton Yelchin did a rather wonderful role opposite of Robert Downey Jr. The basis of the movie is as follows. Charlie Bartlett is a troubled teen who has been removed from many private schools. His mother decides to attempt to have Charlie go to a public school where he wants to be the ‘coolest’ kid in the world. As the film develops Charlie builds relationships with all types of kids at school and uses his talents to build himself.

The film, like I said, wasn’t boring, was absolutely hilarious and kept me laughing through most of the movie. Some people say it’s a lot like Ferris Bueller’s Day off. This is just completely inaccurate. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off had almost nothing to do with the school, per se. It was mostly mayhem caused outside of the school in Chi-town. Charlie Bartlett, on the other hand, was almost entirely within the school with very few scenes not taking places within the school grounds. I found Charlie Bartlett to be more likable and significantly less annoying than Ferris Bueller. Charlie had a better story line and a more realistic plot line. While Ferris Bueller’s plot line was possible most of it seemed out of the realm of possibility. While certain parts of Ferris Bueller were funny, say the part where they tried to run the car in reverse to ‘take miles off’ the car) it was not as comedic as Charlie Bartlett Overall I think Charlie Bartlett was a much better movie.

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Jenny and I saw Sicko, the newest film to date by Michael Moore… it’s a good film, and if that’s the current state of our health care, then we’re fucked… Every other country has universal health care, yet we’re the richest, and we can’t afford to do so…. I don’t like this prospect….