It’s 2084 A.D. and Doug Quaid is haunted by recurring dreams about journeying to Earths closest planetary neighbor Mars. He lives in a time that has survived yet another world war and where Government elections are obsolete. His wife accuses him of fantasizing about Mars to escape their boring life-style. Yet, Quaid can’t stop thinking about the oppressed Martian colonies under the harsh rule of the tyrant Cohaagen. A flashing advertisement, Call Rekall, where we make the impossible possible, draws Quaid into a vacation parlor. Here, fantasies are artificially implanted in the minds of those who desire to turn their dreams into reality. Quaid is intrigued by the role of an intelligence agent – on Mars. Something goes wrong with the procedure, unlocking thoughts that were erased from his mind. Quaid realizes that he’s truly been to Mars, that he’s not who he thinks he is and that even his wife is fake, a spy sent to monitor his new identify. Distant memories of a Martian woman, his past life and a menacing plan are invading his mind…


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