Decisions, Decisions…

So Apple announced an entire refresh of their Desktop line. Everything from the Mac Minis, to the Mac Pros, and even some other peripherals like Time Machine, Airport Extreme and new keyboards. With this, I’m debating on whether to get a new Mac Mini to use as a server, media center, or development machine. Or […]

Mobile Me and Backups

This is just a quick rant on how Mobile me is definitely not something that most users who want schedule backups, that actually work, to be using. Why, well I have SuperDuper! all set to backup my Documents, Photos, and Amazon purchased music every two hours, since I know it won’t change that often. While […]

Macworld 2008 Keynote wrapup.

Today was the keynote for MacWorld San Francisco 2008. Steve Jobs announced several things today.. Here’s the run down: Leopard has sold over 5 million copies so far, that’s 20% of them have upgraded their computers to Leopard. It’s the most successful launch of an Operating System that they’ve had. Apple introduced a new product […]