Minimum Requirements for iOS Apps

Technology, much like time, is an inevitable march in one direction. At least, it is unless we use technology to destroy our ability to create technology, but that is a whole other discussion. Similar to technology, from time to time Apple will change the minimum requirements for applications that are submitted to the App Store. […]

Setting up Apple Pay Cash

One of the features that Apple announced for iOS 11 is Person to Person Apple Pay. This is now available in iOS 11.2. Apple Pay Cash will allow you to both request and send money to others via an iMessage app. Whether you request or send money it will go onto an Apple Pay Cash […]

Apple Pre-WWDC Announcements

Today, just a mere 4 days before their World Wide Developer Conference, Apple has made a couple of developer-related announcements. There are two specific areas, Developer Earnings and Swift Playgrounds. Developer Earnings When the iOS App Store opened in 2008, it was not clear just how popular the iOS App Store would be. To date, […]