Work Today

Well today at work I managed to go to all four buildings today and actually accomplish most of what I wanted to. I forgot to do some counting at one building, but I’ll be back there tomorrow… so it’s not that big of a deal. I’m off to bed now I guess….

Class and Today

Well Class was ok tonight, took the 1st quiz. Got a 91.3%. I’m able to retake the test again on Wednesday, the only problem is whatever score I get on Wednesday is the score I have to stick with….. Anyway, my ipod wasn’t working tonight…. it needed to be reset (which after figuring out an […]

Pope John Paul II

I’m not catholic, but I decided to post on the fact that Pope John Paul II has died at 1:37 p.m. Central Time.. or 9:37 p.m. Vatican Time. if this is the first time you’re hearing the news, you must be living under a rock, or completely oblivious to all of the things that are […]


Well today at work I managed to get most of the computers updated with windows updates that weren’t found because of a problem with mult-lingual windows updates, but now that problem is fixed. It was somewhat nice today, but a little windy…. oh well I’m off to bed now, it’s almost 2 AM.

Weird Day

Today was ok during class…. repetative, so it was sort of boring…. I got the scariest phone call ever… it was an unknown number, and all it said was “you will die in seven days”, that was it…. I’m not sure what to make of it, I’m thinking it’s a cell phone virus, but I’m […]