Work and Such

This is my second attempt at this post, it messed up the first time… now I have to retype this whole thing over again…. here goes…. and Jewel says I never post a lot in my blog… well, here it is… Work was interesting, I had two people today in my training session, however they […]

Work and such

Well, I’m sitting here at work trying to figure out what to do. At one point there were only two people sitting in here. Although it is relatively quiet, so that is good, but there’s still nothing to do. As, Jewel will be able to attest to once she comes in tomorrow. tomorrow is may […]


My car was egged sometime today, I’m pretty sure it was between 7:00 am and 1:30pm today, I’m unsure of who did it, but of course i’ve already cleaned it off of my car.

Broken Computer Parts

I know I haven’t posted in almost a week, but I’ve been busy, and haven’t had much to post…. But I found out today that my mouse that I bought a little over 4 months ago has decided to stop working… I haven’t even used it that much… I haven’t decided whether or not I’m […]

Class and Work.

Well on tonight’s quiz I got an 88.6. not too bad, not above 90% like I would like, but it’ll do. work today I had to swap out a motherboard on two computers, and one computer is now working better (The motherboard that wasn’t working before), while the other is not running well at all […]