QUiz from Khmer’s blog…. Here’s my Results: You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. Though it is generally taken that agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in God, it is possible to be a theist or atheist in addition to an agnostic. Agnostics don’t believe it is possible to prove the existence of God (nor […]


well… on today’s quiz I got an 88%, I thought I did better… but I guess not…. on another note… here’s another weird thing…. how is a boxed Socket 939 64-bit 3200+ cost less than an OEM 64-bit Socket 939 3200+?


The concert was good, a little too loud for such a small venue.. On another note, interesting story here Best Buy Has Man Arrested for Using $2 Bills


Tomorrow I’m going to the Lee Ann Womack concert at the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet. I’ve only been to two other country concerts, so I’ll post about it tomorrow or Saturday.


Ok, I’m not opposed to advertising on webpages, I understand that advertising allows many companies to make money, however, this is this is extreme….