Work, school and what not

Well I was almost late for work today… I know… it never happens… but of course I was on time…. didn’t do much today at work because of our 3 hour long meeting… talk about long…. I’ve had seminars shorter than that meeting…. I did manage to get a free router out of the deal […]

I know this is long, but here you go, read the following two files: Pirate Bay Response to Web Sheriff #1Pirate Bay Response to Web Sheriff #2 I laughed so hard when I read these… I recommend these for a good laugh.

Miscellaneous things

I took the final quiz tonight for class, I got a 94.8%.. so I can’t argue. I also took a practice final, and I got a 96.4% on that, can’t argue with that either. Here are some lyrics I thought some of you would enjoy, it’s from Brad Paisley, it’s a song called Alcohol. Alcohol […]

Work and the like

Work today was hectic, I was downtown for less than an hour, headed out to our West Branch to update the anti-virus clients, that took a while, because of a few problems. Then I headed back to Eola to update some of those computers, and look at a computer that won’t eject a cd, but […]

work, school, and the like

Today at work was just another day at work, except there was no air conditioning in the computer room today, like 90ยบ, not very good for any computer equipment…. school was school, per usual, I got a 95.7% on my quiz tonight, I can’t argue. a lot of information… only two classes left for this […]