"Nature, like a woman, will seduce you with its sights, its scents, and its touch. Then it breaks you..." ~ Oliver Babish - West Wing Season 3 (full quote)


As time goes on I will update this page with different items that I use. I use the Dollar Shave Club products, they work quite well and much cheaper than traditional razors. I also use wordpress on a virtual private server on Linode. I register all of my domains with Hover.com.

I have published a few e-books on various technology topics. They can be found on iOS Applications.

I enjoy using social media sites. Some I use more than others. I am on Twitter, Facebook, and app.net. You can follow me on any of those that you would like.

As this is my blog, I have turned comments off. I do not hold the opinion that the conversation can be as effective in just one area. If you would like to reply to something on my site, you can contact me on twitter, app.net or even facebook.