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I’m into anything technology related from Apple products, Microsoft server products, blogs, podcasts, hard drives, flash drives and networking technology. Basically anything related to technology. This includes Macs, Windows and even some Linux. I enjoy programming and can create very usable applications, they may not always be the most visually appealing products, but they function quite well and I’m a stickler for making sure they’ll run long past the last time I’ve edited a page on them.

I can be fiercely loyal to things in my life. I always like to use the best technology, whether it be Apple, Microsoft, Google or any other company. I’m not afraid to point out when a company does something that I feel is not best for their consumers and advocates. I can get bored with technology. I always seem to need to be on the cutting edge, not bleeding edge mind you, but cutting edge. I’m will to deal with the bugs and issues that can arise by using cutting edge technology, but the software or device must always be somewhat functional.

I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do in terms a career, except it will be something with computers. My ideal job would be something where I am running a company or it feels like I’m running a company. I work best when I’m given direction but not micro-managed. I do my best thinking between six o’clock at night and midnight. I have a bunch of ideas for applications yet I can never see to find enough time to complete any of them. I am very detail oriented. I tend to notice things that most would overlook.

Music plays an extremely important part in my life. I’m almost always listening to music. If I’m not listening to music, I’m either listening to a podcast or an audiobook but I am almost always tuned into something. I have an eclectic styling of music. I listen to anything from Rap, Pop, Top 40, Country, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock and even a bit of Classical. I tend to lean more towards listening to Country than any other genre.

I am very intuitive regarding people and I can sit back and pick up small details that most would seem inconsequential. Yet, these details are the items that truly make a person individual. I hold the opinion that there are those who are not true to themselves and are consequentially always unhappy and are just depriving themselves of what they need. I also think as though humans are generally good natured.

I tend to make snap decisions and stick by them. I expect more of people than they are willing to put forth. I expect people to be fast and efficient, I do not like it when people sit on the fence regarding something. As the saying goes, ‘Shit or get off the Pot’.

I crave information, the more information I have the better. I do not care if it is considered gossip, news, rumors, fact, fiction; it makes no difference. All information is usable in some form or another.

My experience has taught me that my brain analyzes things quickly and subsequently I can become bored with a topic well before others tend to.

I have my own thoughts on life and what happens after death and the entire meaning of life. I do consider as though every person on Earth is here for a reason, regardless of the length of their stay. They may just be here to have a child and pass on. They may be here to make a huge difference in just one person’s life. They may be here to find the cure for Cancer, baldness, or even just propagate their beliefs on others. I dare say as though organized religion is worthwhile, since it’s so hypocritical it contradicts itself.

Science has given no proof that there is not life on other planets, but that we have just not been able to locate it yet. As a co-worker said ‘If there is a supreme being do you think he’d put all of his eggs in one basket’. Very valid point. I hope we, as humans, find another race and create an alliance and share knowledge. I also hope we find another habitable planet within my lifetime so that we can finally know if we are all alone.

Many people choose Athletes and Celebrities as heroes, while I’m slightly different, I have different Celebrities as my heroes. The first, and foremost, is George Carlin. Why him? He was a wordsmith and had a knack for show you exactly how things were. He had no qualms and was not afraid of any censors.

My Political leaning is Democrat. I heartily dislike Right-wing nut bags who come up with an idea and fashion a rationale to support that. By doing this they completely ignore the facts. And the fucking tea-party all need to be Tea-bagged into Texas, where the entire state can secede from the US, because they are all too fucked up to be part of the United States; no evolution, look at the fucking evidence…

I do also hold the opinion as though we have all lived in previous times and do come back. I also think there is such a thing as genetic memory. I think as though this memory influences some of our more irrational behaviors and is the impetus for some of our fears. For instance, in a prior life, if you were strangled you may not like anything around your neck. If you happened to drown in a previous life, you may not like to go near water. The times that we have previous lived also contribute the parts of history that we enjoy learning about. I happen to enjoy the Dark and Middle Ages and absolutely love Castles. I am fascinated by World War II and could sit and watch movies and shows about World War II all day long. I also enjoy books and stories about the Vikings.

I tend to plan and stage things for years ahead, yet at the same time I also know what is going on now and what limitations exist. Despite this planning, my ability to save money is lacking (it might have something to do with the gadgets).

I am not really into anything sports related, while I will participate in a fantasy football pool, it’s only with family and typically by the end of week 6 I tend to stop looking at it. I understand most of the rules of major sports, so it’s not like I do not understand what is going on, it’s just not a big interest.

If there is anything else you want to know about me, feel free to get ahold of me by using any of the links at the bottom.

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