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Apple’s Self Service Repair Now Available

Appel Self Service Repair

Today Apple announced that their previously announced repair service is now available. While you may think that it is being run by Apple, it is not. Apple has contracted with a third-party to handle ordering of parts. The service repair site is available at

The Self Service Repair Service site allow you to order parts that can repair a phone from the iPhone 12 line, a phone from the iPhone 13 line, or the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

In order to be able to order anything, you will want to look at the repair manuals, which are available on the Apple support site. After you have determined what item, or items, you need for your repair you can order the necessary parts. In order to purchase parts, you will need a valid IMEI or serial number. This is so the site can verify that the parts will work for the device.

The Self Service Repair site will allow you to order tools, as well as the parts. However, it is possible that you may not want to purchase the tools. For these instances, you can rent tools for $49 for a seven day rental. The tools that would be sent are the ones that are specific for your device. The rental option is helpful if you only need to do one repair.

There is one last thing to note, all of the prices on the site are the same ones that Apple charges standard third-party repair companies, so there are no surcharges for parts or tools.

If you are one who is wants to be able to try and repair their own device, it may be worth going through the Apple Self Service Repair program to get your parts and tools.

Source: Apple Newsroom