It’s 2084 A.D. and Doug Quaid is haunted by recurring dreams about journeying to Earths closest planetary neighbor Mars. He lives in a time that has survived yet another world war and where Government elections are obsolete. His wife accuses him of fantasizing about Mars to escape their boring life-style. Yet, Quaid can’t stop thinking about the oppressed Martian colonies under the harsh rule of the tyrant Cohaagen. A flashing advertisement, Call Rekall, where we make the impossible possible, draws Quaid into a vacation parlor. Here, fantasies are artificially implanted in the minds of those who desire to turn their dreams into reality. Quaid is intrigued by the role of an intelligence agent – on Mars. Something goes wrong with the procedure, unlocking thoughts that were erased from his mind. Quaid realizes that he’s truly been to Mars, that he’s not who he thinks he is and that even his wife is fake, a spy sent to monitor his new identify. Distant memories of a Martian woman, his past life and a menacing plan are invading his mind…

wwriteLite 8.2.0 Now Available

wwriteLite app icon

There is a new version of my app, wwriteLite available for download. Version 8.2.0 brings a few new features, some bug fixes, and a few tweaks. Here are the changes.

New Features

  • Now Requires iOS 14.7.
  • New “wide” Ad that will display differently than the “tall” ad type.
  • New “Remove Ad” button in the upper corner of the ad. This will bring up the “In App Purchase” screen so you can remove ads. If you already have the “Remove Ads” in-app purchase, it will toggle the setting to “always show ads”.
  • Added support for 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max chips.
  • Updated look of Change Log.
  • Updated look of Frequently Asked Questions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some strings in the Debug View that were not localized, but should have been.
  • Fixed issue where Feature Requests would crash the app.
  • Fixed an issue where Feature Requests were not properly submitted.
  • Fixed issue where the file list would change when an ad was clicked on the iPad mini.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ad would not properly refresh.


  • Submit button on Feature Request cannot be clicked if there is no text in the feature request.
  • Changed the Date on the Change Log to be localized to the short version of the date.

As always, you can download the update from the App Store. You can also view the full change log on the wwriteLite site. If you experience any issues, please let me know.