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Apple Introduces 'Self Service Repair' Program

Apple Self Service Repair Program

One of the things that modern technology is that accidents can occur. The types of devices that are generally most susceptible to accidents are ones that we carry with us, like an iPhone. When an accident does occur one thing that can happen is a cracked screen. In some instances this can be ignored, at least for a while, but it is likely that at some point you will need to get it fixed.

When you need to fix an iPhone you can take it to an Apple Store, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, like Best Buy. There are a certain contingent of people who would rather repair their devices themselves and this was not always possible previously. There are sites like iFixit that will provide the tools, parts, and instructions, but there can be problems when you fix your own device. All of this is about to change because Apple announced a new program called the "Self Service Repair" program.

The Self Service Repair program will allow individuals to get access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals for repairing their own devices, starting in early 2022. At first you may be able to get your own parts, tools, and manuals for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 line of devices.

The parts that you will be able to get will be limited at first. Specifically, you can get the most common parts that need to be repaired, specifically the iPhone display, battery, and camera.

There are not a bunch of details on how the program will work. But there is a brief high-level overview within the announcement.

To ensure a customer can safely perform a repair, it’s important they first review the Repair Manual. Then a customer will place an order for the Apple genuine parts and tools using the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store. Following the repair, customers who return their used part for recycling will receive credit toward their purchase.

My Thoughts

I think the Self Service Repair program will be a good one, but it is not for the faint of heart to fix an iPhone. The Self Service Repair Program is really intended for those who have experience in repairing things.

I think there will be a fair number of people who will undertake this and for them it will be a great option. For most though, it will still be prudent to go to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to perform the repairs on your devices.

It will be interesting to see how this Self Service Repair program functions as well as how many people will actually partake in it. Even though I probably could do a number of the repairs myself, I do not know if I will take advantage of the program myself. Mostly because my iPhone is usually covered by Apple Care, so it only makes sense for me to take it to Apple to fix any issues.

Source: Apple Newsroom