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Apple Introduces “Apple Business Essentials”

Apple Business Essentials Logo

Managing devices can be problematic for small businesses. But a new service by Apple attempts to help in this. The service is called “Apple Business Essentials”.

Apple Business essentials is a new service that will combine device management, 24/7 Apple support, and iCloud storage into a single interface for managing all of your users, apps, backup, and devices, all from a single interface. Apple Business Essentials is designed for small businesses with companies with up to 500 employees.

Apple’s vice president of Enterprise and Education Marketing, Susan Prescott, stated

Small businesses are at the core of our economy, and we’re proud that Apple products play a role in helping these companies grow, Apple Business Essentials is designed to help streamline every step of employee device management within a small business — from setup, onboarding, and upgrading, to accessing fast service and prioritized support, all while keeping data backed up and secure, so companies can focus on running their business.”

Here is a quick intro video to get you acquainted with the features.

You can visit the “Apple Business Essentials” website which includes a brief walkthrough of what the interface might look like.

Right now, Apple Business Essentials is in free beta, but there will be an ongoing cost once it is available in Spring of 2022. Monthly pricing will depend on the number of users, amount of storage, and AppleCare+.

If you want to signup for the beta, you can do so at It is interesting to see Apple provide this service to small businesses. The intention is to handle a lot of the problems people encounter when setting up and using their Apple devices in the workplace.