Aboard a notorious criminal syndicate’s luxurious starliner, Commonwealth operative Simon Kovalic and his crew race to steal a mysterious artifact that could shift the balance of war…

Still reeling from a former teammate’s betrayal, Commonwealth operative Simon Kovalic and his band of misfit spies have no time to catch their breath before being sent on another impossible mission: to pull off the daring heist of a quasi-mythical alien artifact, right out from under the nose of the galaxy’s most ruthless crime lord.

But their cold war rivals, the Illyrican Empire, want the artifact for themselves. And Kovalic’s newest recruit, Specialist Addy Sayers, is a volatile ex-con with a mean hair-trigger who might put the whole mission at risk. Can Kovalic hold it all together, or will the team tear themselves apart before they can finish the job?

Announcing wwriteLite 7.0.0

wwriteLite app icon

There is a new version of wwriteLite now available. This is a big update with a number of new features. The biggest three are the support for Rich Text Files, a new re-arrange mode, and the ability to search.

Some other new features include localization support for Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This includes localization for the ads as well. There are a couple of new settings, one that allows you to show ads, if you have purchased the “Remove Ads” in-app purchase, and the ability to disable searching of files.

There have also been some tweaks including a change to the default file name, an updated file format, a modified “About” screen, and an updated archive file name format.

There have also been a bunch of bugs fixed as well. The entire list of changes is outlined below.

wwriteLite is a free app with in-app purchases, including the “Space Icons” theme and the ability to remove ads.

New Features

  • Significant re-write of under the hood items. This should make it easier to add new features in the future.
  • File Names now have a new format, they are Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) instead of previously generated file name format. Existing filenames are preserved.

Re-arrange Files Mode

  • Added the Ability to re-order files, and have their position remembered. This is done by tapping on the “Edit” button on the File List and then dragging and dropping the cells.
  • ‘Re-order mode’ will have a red border around the screen and you will not be able to click on files or add new files.
  • The “Edit” button will change into three lines and will be tinted red.

Spotlight Searching

  • Unlocked files will now appear in spotlight search.
  • You can disable all indexing within Settings.


  • Templates now support rich text, which is enabled all the time.
  • Added a “Randomize Template Colors” button that is available when creating a new template to provide a starting point.
  • Added a “Duplicate Template” button on the “Choose Template to Customize” screen. This allows you to clone your TPS report templates.


Added localizations for the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

If you see an issue with any of the localization, please contact support.

Other Changes

  • Expanded list of files types that can be imported. See the entire list in the new “Supported Files” screen in the About screen or in the Support Menu. If it is standard text file or a Rich Text File, it will likely be supported. If there is a file that you think should be supported, but is not, please contact support.
  • New Settings screen that is now in-app.
  • New setting to ‘Always show ads’. This will only be shown if you have the “Remove Ads” in-app purchase.
  • Added an “In App” Ads that will allow ads to direct you to specific sections of the app.
  • New Icon “Crazy Ones”.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts for some items to not conflict with running wwriteLite on macOS.


  • Removed Drag and drop support for templates, because wwrite development has stopped and this feature is no longer needed.
  • Removed “Appearance” setting. The app now matches the system all the time.
  • Removed the keyboard shortcut for the Tools menu. Triggering it would not show the proper actions.
  • Removed “Erase all data” option. Deleting the app and re-installing accomplishes the same thing.
  • Updated Launch Screen to show a new image.
  • Ad info now appears in a popover when you tap on the information icon.
  • Added localization for the file name when importing or copying a file.
  • Adjusted shortcuts on About screen to make more sense.
  • New default file format.
  • Changed archive file names format.
  • Modified “Full Archive” to zip up entire documents folder, including existing archives.
  • Adjusted key command for import to be command + shift + i, to allow for using italics with command + i.
  • Adjusted “About” text to include the fact that Rich Text Files are now supported.
  • Current app version of “Change Log” will be highlighted.
  • Only the current and previous major version information will be shown in the Change Log.
  • Added “Last Modified” to the Customize Template screen.
  • Added localized strings to about screen.
  • Changed the Icon set name of “2020 Icons” to “2020s Icons”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where files on the Mac would presume they are locked, even when they were not.
  • Fixed a bug where handoff between devices would crash the app.
  • Fixed a bug where saving a template might cause the app to crash.Fixed a bug when selecting a font color in a template, the default font color was wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the last archive, and then creating an archive, would not re-enable the delete button.
  • Fixed issues with file list if the ability to lock/unlock was not present on device.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not unlock files that were previously locked if there is no authentication mechanism on the device.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some imported files not to be imported properly.
  • Fixed an issue where unavailable in-app purchases would appear in the app when running on a Mac with Apple silicon.
  • The app will no longer crash when trying to print.
  • Fixed “Delete Template” hint text.
  • Fixed a bug where the same screen may be shown in succession in the File List.