Apple HomePod mini

HomePod mini Availability for December 6th, 2020 (Early Afternoon)

Here is the HomePod mini availability for the early afternoon of December 6th, 2020.

It appears as though Apple is ramping up production of the HomePod mini, because the delivery ranges have improved from early to mid-January to late December. It does not look as though any orders placed today will arrive in time for the holidays, but they could arrive in time for New Year’s.

Changes for the HomePod

  • HomePod mini – Space Gray has changed from Jan 5 – Jan 12 to Dec 23 – Dec 31
  • HomePod mini – White has changed from Jan 12 – Jan 19 to Dec 23 – Dec 31


HomePod mini
HomePod mini – Space Gray Dec 23 – Dec 31
HomePod mini – White Dec 23 – Dec 31