Apple HomePod

HomePod mini Availability for November 23rd, 2020 (Early Afternoon)

Here is the HomePod mini availability for the early afternoon of November 23d, 2020.

If you are looking to get a Space Gray HomePod mini, you will want to order now, as they have a December 17th to December 24th, availability date. If you want a White HomePod mini, that has a December 10th to December 17th shipping date range.

Changes for the HomePod

  • HomePod mini – Space Gray has changed from Dec 11 – Dec 18 to Dec 17 – Dec 24
  • HomePod mini – White has changed from Dec 4 – Dec 11 to Dec 10 – Dec 17


HomePod mini
HomePod mini – Space Gray Dec 17 – Dec 24
HomePod mini – White Dec 10 – Dec 17