Apple’s “One more thing” Event Predictions

On Tuesday, November 10th, Apple is holding their “One more thing” event. This event will be streamed, just as was the case with the previous two events, “Hi, Speed” and “Time Flies” events. Each of the previous events have focused on a small number of things. I think the same will happen in this event.

I think there will be two items covered in this event, Macs, and macOS Big Sur. Here is what I think we will see.


The first thing I think we will see is the first Macs that are running Apple Silicon. Apple has stated that they will be releasing Macs running Apple Silicon before the end of the year. We are quickly approaching the end of the year and it is not likely that Apple will have a December event, but stranger things have happened.

The big question is which Macs will be the first Macs with Apple Silicon. I think we will see a laptop and a desktop. The question is which ones. I think we will see a MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Air will replace the existing ones. I do not think the existing models will continue to be available, at least not directly from Apple.

I also think we will see a bunch of comparisons between the “current” Macs and the new Apple Silicon ones. In particular, I think this will be with professional apps to show that these the new Apple Silicon Macs are no slouches when it comes to performance. Furthermore, I also think we will see some iOS apps running on these machines and how all of iOS apps as well as native macOS apps work seamlessly together.

The MacBook Air is the one that makes the most sense, as it is the entry level model and it is the one that most users would be happy to use. Along with this, I think we will be informed of when we will be able to order these, which I think may be later in November and they will begin shipping in early December.

Big Sur

Apple Silicon Macs will require macOS 11 Big Sur. I think we will see an Apple Silicon-specific feature that has not been revealed yet. There are no rumors of this, but it is just a hunch I have. I do think we will get a release date for macOS Big Sur, and I think it will be the following day, November 11th. I think this for few reasons.

The first, is provides a big of a buffer between the release of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A lot of people will upgrade soon after its release. The second reason for this is the date. macOS Big Sur is version 11.0. It would be symbolic for Apple to release version 11 of macOS on 11/11/2020. The third reason that I think this is that iOS 14 was released the day after the announcement, therefore it might stand to reason that macOS Big Sur will follow the same pattern.

Predictions Recap

Here are my actual predictions for what I think we will see.

  • New Macs running Apple Silicon – 100%
  • macOS Big Sur release date – 100%
  • Craig Federighi showing off macOS Big Sur – 95%
  • Demos of iOS apps and macOS apps working together – 95%
  • New MacBook Air with Apple Silicon – 90%
  • macOS Big Sur released on 11/11 – 75%

Closing Thoughts

I don’t think that we will see any other products with this announcement. I think Macs running Apple Silicon is too much of a big deal to share the stage with anything other than macOS Big Sur, which is needed to power the Macs.

You can learn all about macOS Big Sur by pre-ordering the e-book from Apple or Amazon for $3.99 each. There will be paperbacks available soon after macOS Big Sur is released and the e-books will be released the same day that macOS Big Sur is available.