Predictions for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

Apple is having their “Time Flies” event tomorrow. While nothing is certain, there are some possibilities for what we will see. Here is what I think we will see.

Apple Watch Series 6

With the event being namee “Time Flies”, it suggests that we will see something related to “time”, and there is a chronometer that Apple sells called the Apple Watch. Since 2015, Apple has released a new Apple Watch. This year is likely no different.

What I think will be different is that there will be two new Apple Watch models introduced. The Apple Watch Series 6 and what I’ll dub the next as the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Series 6 will likely have better battery life, possibly a new sensor. My guess is that the Apple Watch Series 6 SE will have the same form-factor, same processor, but may only have the features that were in the Apple Watch Series 4. The key with the Apple Watch Series 6 SE is that it will be less expensive. I predict that the “SE Model” will have a starting price of $179. Furthermore, it will replace the Apple Watch Series 3. Lastly, I think the Series 5 will stick around at a starting price of $299.

The last Apple Watch related item is new bands. Apple considers the Watch to be a fashion item. The way to customize the Apple Watch that is most noticeable at first glance is through choosing you Apple Watch band. I predict that Apple will release at least 3 new Apple Watch Bands.

I give the likelihood of a new Apple Watch at 90%, and an Apple Watch SE model at 60%. I am guessing the price point of the Apple Watch SE being $179 at 50%, and keeping the Apple Watch Series 5 at 75%. I give the likelihood of new Apple Watch bands at 100%.


Earlier this year Apple released a new set of iPad Pro models. Therefore, I do not think we will see new iPad Pro models, although it is always a possibility. Instead, I think we will see new iPad Air. I think it will have an updated processor, an iPad Pro-inspired design with flat edges and a slimmer bezels.

I give the probability of a new iPad Air at 60% and having an iPad Pro-inspired design at 60% as well.


Typically in September Apple unveils their new iPhones. I do not think that this will happen at this event. This is due to Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, indicating that this year’s Apple’s iPhones will be a released a few weeks later than normal. This is, as you might expect, due to COVID-19.

I am giving the possibility of not hearing about iPhones at 80%. It is always possible that Apple will announce new iPhones, and if that does happen they will not be available for a month or so.

Services Bundle

Many have postulated that Apple may eventually bundle of their services. It appears as though this might actually be coming to fruition. With the 3.4.0 beta of Apple Music on Android, there are strings that indicate that a services bundle might be coming. This bundle will include Apple Music as well as other services.

I am guessing that there is a 95% chance that Apple announces this bundle, even if it is not available right away. I am guessing that the bundle will include Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud Storage. I give this a 25% chance of being the case.

Predictions Recap

  • New Apple Watch Bands – 100%
  • Services Bundle – 95%
  • Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%
  • No New iPhones announced – 80%
  • Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%
  • Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%
  • Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%
  • New iPad Air – 60%
  • New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%
  • All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

Once the event is over I will post about the event and later in the week a recap of how well my predictions went.