wwrite 5.3.0 and wwriteLite 5.3.0 Now Available

I have released new versions of wwrite and wwriteLite. These are a minor update that provides a few new features and some tweaks. The biggest changes are the new Sentiment icon and the ability to show only Family-Friendly ads.

New Features

  • Added Sentiment option which shows how positive your text is. 0 – 33 is negative, 33 to 66 is neutral, and 66 to 100 is positive.
  • There is a new option to only show “Family Friendly” ads. This is available by going to Tools -> Settings -> Family Friendly Ads. (wwriteLite only)
  • The Paragraph count of the current file is now in the “Info” panel.
  • Want a new feature? Use the new “Feature Request” option available under Tools -> Support. This is entirely anonymous with no email necessary.


  • Added additional debug information. Debug information will now be sent to support when you send an email.
  • Added error logs, which will be included with any email to support.