wwrite and wwriteLite 4.6.0 Now Available

I have published updates for both wwrite and wwriteLite. Each app is now at version 4.6.0.

Both wwrite and wwriteLite add that ability to import files from the Files app, including iCloud Drive, and any other third-party services that you have linked within the Files app. This is done by going to “+” -> Import Files.

There is one bug fix for both apps. If you had tried to “Copy files” using a share sheet from another app, it would have failed. This has been fixed. There is one feature, specifically for wwriteLite.

Removing Ads

One of the features that I have wanted to add to wwriteLite is the ability to remove the ads. This is now possible through an in-app purchase. This is accessed by going to Tools -> In-App Purchases. Removing Ads will cost you $0.99. The reason I chose this amount is because $0.99 is the same price as wwrite, which does not have ads. Additionally, this is a way to support the development of both of the apps.

Due to these changes, the Frequently Asked Questions and the Change Log for each app has been updated, so be sure to check those out. wwrite 4.6.0 and wwriteLite 4.6.0 are free updates and are available now in the App Store.