Apple has announced a major initiative related to developers, and specifically for an under represented group of developers. When you look at the overall genetic makeup of developers, you may have noticed that there is a disproportionate number of males as developers, as compared to women. Apple has begun an initiative to help correct this imbalance. They call it their Entrepreneur Camp. The Apple Entrepreneur Camp is designed for organizations that are founded and led by women.

There will be four two-week camps run over the course of the next year, these will take place during one of these times:

January 28–February 8, 2019
April 1–12, 2019
July 22–August 2, 2019
October 14–25, 2019

There are some requirements before applying. These requirements are:

  • The organization must have a woman founder, co-founder, or CEO;
  • The organization must have a woman developer proficient in Swift or Objective-C
  • The organization must have a developed app or functional build created for any platform that you can demo live.

Additionally, the applicant must have the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older and proficient in English.
  • The woman founder, co-founder, or CEO, the woman developer, and another employee (if applicable) must be 18 years of age or older, proficient in English, and able to attend together for the entire two-week lab.
  • Attendees must be able to bring their own laptop to work on their code in the lab. After you have applied, and if you are accepted, you will be in a two-week lab.
  • If you are a woman who has founded you can learn about all of the details at Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp website.

Per Apple’s site,

Apple Entrepreneur Camp consists of an immersive technology lab, as well as mentorship, education, and support. Selected organizations receive:

  • One-on-one code-level guidance from Apple engineers at a two-week technology lab in Cupertino, California.
    Ongoing support from an Apple Developer representative for at least one year.
  • One year of membership in the Apple Developer Program.
  • Up to two tickets to WWDC for the woman* founder, co-founder, or CEO and woman developer.
  • Access to the Apple Entrepreneur Camp alumni network, a world-class group of inspiring and ambitious senior women leaders.

If you are a woman, or part of a woman-led development company, it would behove you to apply for the Entrepreneur Camp. It is great to see Apple putting so much time and effort into help woman-led companies with mentoring as well as tickets to the next World Wide Developer’s Conference.

You can read all about the camp at Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp website. Applications are open now.