We have all seen one from time to time, the “blank” square with an “X” in it. Typically this means that the device we are using does not have an Emoji for the one that is being parsed by the system. When we see this, it can be annoying. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to update to the latest version of the operating system that you are running. In the case of iOS, this is pretty simple. New emoji are one of the primary factors that helps drive software upgrades. Just as was the case last year, Apple has previewed some of the new emoji that will be arriving later this year.

Some of the new Emoji include characters with four new hair variants. These are red hair, white hair, curly hair, and bald. Why those of us who are blessed with ginger-colored hair have been ignored for so long is unknown, but it has been rectified. Besides the hair, or lack there of, options, there are some new foods. These include:

  • Cupcake
  • Leafy Green
  • Mango
  • Moon Cake

There are also some new faces as well. Some of the new faces include:

  • Freezing Face
  • Face with pleading eyes
  • Face with Party Hat and Horn

This is not all of course. There are some new animals, including the Kangaroo, Lobster, Parrot, and Peacock. Besides expressive faces, animals, and people there are some additional objects that can be used as well. These objects include: a softball, a ball of yarn, a test tube, and a permanent paperclip (which looks suspiciously like the infinity symbol).

As is the case with all new emoji, they will add some additional ways to express ourselves. If you want to be a superhero, you can do that as well. Here are some of the different emoji that will be coming later this year.