It is not often that someone is in a position for many years, but there are some that manage to do so. What is even more rare is when they become an iconic part of that place. One person has managed to do just that, Carl Kassell.

Today, the voice of NPR’s Morning Edition’s, Carl Kassell, has died at the age of 84, due to complications of Alzheimer’s. Carl was also the voice, and Score Keeper of the NPR gameshow, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. When Wait Wait started they could not afford actual prizes so Carl would record messages on answering machines. For anyone who has received a message from Carl, it is something to be cherished, and saved, if possible.

You can listen to Carl’s farewell episode on NPR’s website. I re-listened to the last episode and the last segment in particular is quite touching. I was never able to get to a show, but I have been listening for years now.

A couple of posts from the host of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal and contestants on the show.

Rest in Peace Carl. You will be missed by not only NPR but also by the many fans.

Image Source: Jen Orr.

Story Source: NPR.