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Movies Anywhere


One of the possible downsides to having so many different purchasing options is that in oder to get the best deals, you have to stop around. One area where people look for deals is with movies. The biggest problem to today's movie landscape is that there are two main competitors, when it comes to purchasing content; Amazon and iTunes. The most annoying aspect to this is that if you purchase a movie on Amazon you cannot watch it on iTunes, and vice versa. There was one exception to this, Disney Movies.

If there were one company that you would think would want to charge you every time for every movie on every service, it would be Disney. However, this was not the case. Disney actually allowed all of their movies to be purchased once and watched on iTunes or Google Play. This included all Disney movies, Pixar Movies and Marvel movies. This is a great solution for Disney Movies, but what about non-Disney Movies?

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere takes the Disney Movies Anywhere concept and expands it to more than just Disney. Movies Anywhere will allow you to purchase a movie from iTunes or Google Play and play it anywhere. The movie studios that are involved with Movies Anywhere are:

  • Walt Disney Studios
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Universal Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment

There is one additional advantage to Movies Anywhere, and it is a big one.

Additional Viewing Locations

Being able to watch your movies on iTunes and Google Play is great. However, it would be very helpful, for many, to be able to use their Amazon Fire TV to watch the movies that they have purchased. With Movies Anywhere, this is possible, not because you can download a Vudu app to the Fire TV, but because Amazon is also part of the Movies Anywhere service. This means that you can watch the movies that you have purchased through Amazon.


Ultraviolet is a service that wanted to become the one-stop shop for your movies. However, this did not pan out as they might have hoped. Particularly since Apple was not on board. With Movies Anywhere, Ultraviolet is likely to disappear. If you, like me, never redeemed any of the ultraviolet codes that you received with your purchased DVDs and Blu-Rays, you can now do something with them. If the movie studio that produced the movie is supported by the Movies Anywhere service, you can use that code on the service to redeem the movie.


The inclusion of all of these means that you now have a selection of even more movies than before. There are still two companies that are not included, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Films. This means that not everything you purchase will be available through everywhere.

Tip for Purchasing Movies

There are two tips that I have for purchasing movies.

First Tip

What the lack of all movie studios being on the Movies Anywhere service means that some movies are not available. What this means you for is that you should continue to purchase movies, that are not on the service, from whichever service you primarily watch movies. If you watch most of your movies on an Amazon Fire, then continue to buy from Amazon. If you use an Apple TV, then continue to use iTunes to purchase your content. I recommend this because if Paramount and Lionsgate do come to Movies Anywhere, these movies will then be available everywhere. I also recommend this because even if the two studios are not added, you can still watch your movies using the application that you enjoy most.

Second Tip

The second tip I have is to always look for deals. You can purchase movies from Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes and the movies will appear on all of the services. Therefore, it is a good idea to see where the movie is the least inexpensive and available on Movies Anywhere. You can see which movies are available on Movies Anywhere by doing a search from the homepage.

Final Thoughts

If you like looking for deals and prefer to be able to search any of the participating web stores, but still want to watch your content wherever you want, then Movies Anywhere is a good service to sign up for. The fact that Amazon, Apple and Google Play all participate means that a vast majority of users will be covered. If someone in 2007 said that you could purchase a movie on one platform and watch it on another, they would think that you were insane. However, in 2017, it is the case, and you can do just that with Movies Anywhere. If you have a Disney Movies Anywhere account, I highly recommend moving your collection over to Movies Anywhere, sooner rather than later.