iPhone X: Initial Thoughts

I do not normally post initial thoughts on products. However, the iPhone X is worth of a first look. It has been just over 24 hours since I got my iPhone X and here are my thoughts.

The Notch

The feature that gives the iPhone X its distinct look is the notch at the top of the iPhone. You may think that you will always notice the notch. In my experience, you do not really notice it, unless you are watching a video full screen and it stretches over the notch.

The Size

The size of the iPhone X is 5.8 inches, this slightly larger than the 6 Plus, 6s Plus, or 7 Plus screen. Yet, even with the screen being bigger, the actual size of the device is just a bit taller and bit wider than the smaller iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. If you have been part of the “Plus” club, it could be a bit of an adjustment.

App Compatibility

One of the possible issues with a change in screen size is that developers must adapt their apps. In order to not have apps look completely horrible, Apple will put black bars at the top and bottom of applications so that the app is not obscured by the notch. Developers will need to update their apps to accommodate for the notch.

Face ID

The iPhone X does not have a physical home button. As part of the home button itself, is the Touch ID sensor ring. And without any sensor, you need another form of biometric authentication. This is where Face ID comes into play. In my short experience, I have not had Face ID fail, except when it cannot see my face.

So Far

So far, I am liking the iPhone X. Granted, it has only been 24 hours, but so far so good. I will do a full review of it in due course, but I really want to put it through its paces before doing so.