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New Podcast Series: "Behind the App" on Inquisitive

Inquisitive Artwork

I've been listening to podcasts for almost a decade now. There have been very few podcasts that have lasted that long. Hence, I am in need of a new podcasts from time to time. Back in August of 2014, there was a new podcast network that came online, was started by Myke Hurley (@imyke) and Stephen Hackett ( Once the network started I subscribed to almost everything that they released. One of those shows was Inquisitive. For episodes 1 through 26, it was an hour-long, interview-based show that spoke with developers about how they got started. Beginning with episode 27, the podcast has changed; and this is a good thing.

Episode 27 is the first episode in a series that looks at the the apps and items surrounding apps and the App Store. The first in the series covers the introduction of the iPhone and iPhone SDK [1. Software Development Kit] and some of the items leading up to said introductions. The style of the show is very reminiscent of another popular podcast Serial. Instead of covering a crime, this is covering apps. Which, for geeks, is an interesting topic. Probably a topic more interesting than a crime.

When I heard that the format of Inquisitive was changing, my initial thought was "Why not also change the name?" However, after listening to episode 27, I came to realize that the name Inquisitive is still very appropriate. The name still fits the show because Myke is still inquiring information from developers, yet the information is from a multitude of developers, that all centralize around one topic. While the current run of shows may be for history of Apps and the App Store, it is completely conceivable that future runs of the show revolve around a centralized question instead of a topic.

I like the direction that the show has taken. If you have any interest at all in the history of applications and the iOS App Store, this series should be a good one to listen to. You can subscribe via iTunes or search for Inquisitive in your podcast application of choice. While you are already in the store, do not forget to subscribe to my podcast Odd World News