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iOS 8 e-book Additional Sales Information


While waiting for a couple of UPS deliveries, I thought I would look into some things on the Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle sites. I found some interesting information.

iOS 8 for Users and Developers is Currently #2 in the Amazon Kindle store under "Computers Operating System" category. It is also in the "Hot New Releases".


On the Apple side, it is currently #1 and #8 Paid books in the "Computers & Internet" category. The #1 is the ePub edition and #8 is the iBooks edition.


If a user clicks on the "Computers & Internet" category, under "Top Charts", you will also see the ePub edition as the "Top Paid".


For this, I would sincerely like to thank everybody who has purchased the book. If you purchased the book, and found it useful, please recommend it to others.