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Microsoft CES 2011 Keynote

These are raw notes. Mostly sentences just with brief statements regarding what they talked about... Microsoft CES 2011 Keynote:

Consumer Electronics industry is projected to make $186 billion in 2011, or 3% growth. Individuals can now join the Consumer Electronics Association as 'technology enthusiasts'


2010 exciting Released Office 2010, Kinect, Windows Phone 7

IE 9 introduced office 365 huge growth with azure and bing Share what they've done, what's coming next impact of technology bets made a decade ago.

most important technologies TV windows phone windows pc

bold step transform entertainment - began with xbox powered by software transported 10 of millions into world of Halo, Call of Duty, Fable Xbox Live - transformed gaming with the cloud xbox front and center connecting millions fun with friends include music, TV, Facebook, movies,

biggest step to transforming entire family. Launched Kinect, to entire world. 2010 biggest year in xbox history

music movies TV,

1080p, 5.1 surround, no downloading, no waiting available in 20 countries - Demo o controlling Zune movies with Kinect - Netflix will become interactive with Kinect. later this spring, Controller free Hulu Plus in the US later this spring

Kinect - avatar kinect - facial expressions - eyebrows - smile - laugh - this spring, Avatar kinect will be available free for XBL Gold

Xbox live community grows - 30 Million XBL members - new member joins every 2 seconds

Xbox 360 #1 selling console for the last months in the US 50 Million units world wide 5 Million kinects predicted first 60days, 8 Million kinect sensors worldwide.

xbox is becoming hub of your living room - gaming system - TV shows, sports - social interactions delivered directly to the biggest screen in the house

Crackdown Halo Natin - Announce Fable is coming to WP7 - Fable Coin Golf - All the gold you earn in FCG goes to Fable 3 character.

Games coming to Windows Phone 7

Alan Wake Viva Pinata rise of glory Poker Zombies Pacman Halo Waypoint Fruit Ninja Tetris

Game Room Games: assassins creed monopoly pocket god zombie attack 2 sims 3 nfs undercover star wars cantinas avatar gadgets

Windows Phone 7 dramatically different - could we help simply the tasks people use most - as more apps released - still make them easy to use

added great new titles, Bank of America, Fruit Ninja, Kindle App 5500 apps available today more than half download a new app every day. 20,000 developers are registered

9/10 customers at AT&T - they would recommend the product series of updates will automatically be pushed out - two most noticeable - copy and paste - performance improvement loading and switching applications - make windows phone 7 on sprint and Verizon in first half

7 features - quick snap with camera, dedicated camera button - glance and go, lock screen sees quick information - voice search, web and local - Bing, dedicated search button, same pictures as website, instant answers - hubs, stuff you care about in one place - one notes sync across web, PC, phone, - apps, Bank of America, Travelocity, Fandango,, - Xbox live on the Phone - games

Windows PC - Made announcements Windows 7, delivered product that hit the mark fastest selling PCs in history 7 copies a second 20% of all PC connected to the internet IE 9 leap forward with developers and HTML5 - hardware accelerated graphics 20 million already using IE9 beta. Windows Live Wave 4 - 500 Million people world wide

Hotmail #1 email worldwide 20 million people use Office webapps through hotmail. Windows Live Messenger connects to Facebook, #2 app on Facebook More hardware and innovative designs at CES Customers expect full power of PC across form factors

Microsoft Surface - PC is thin, 4" thin Windows 7 PC dual core CPU AMD GPU Gorilla Glass bonded to LCD PixelSense - infrared sensor - Surface as a Kiosk - Vision based applications

Next Version of Windows Widest possible range of products System on a Chip

Always about breadth hardware and software innovations Nvidia, Qualcomm, texas instruments Intel and AMD continue innovate on X86 platforms

Show some of the Work of Windows Support with System on Chip

  • no modification needed with current version of windows applications
  • Will need new drivers to work with ARM processors

1 Billion consumers experiencing Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows PCs Windows will be everywhere on all types of devices, low power, long lasting devices