Daily Run Down 12/05/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

Current News:

  • A Quantas Airways Plane has clipped the wing of an American Airlines Jet.
  • The FTC claims it’s talking to Adobe about it’s problem with Flash Cookies.
  • Villagers have been evacuated as the Tungurahua volcano erupts.
  • The State Department is warning students again discussing WikiLeaks on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Rear-view Cameras could become mandatory for all cars in the US.
  • After a failed Launch, three Russian Satellites have landed in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Facebook’s new Profiles are official.

Historical News:

  • In 771, Charlemagne becomes sole king of the Franks.
  • In 1443, Pope Julius II is born.
  • In 1492, Christopher Columbus lands on Hispaniola (now Haiti) and becomes the first European to do so.
  • In 1766, James Christie holds his first Sale.
  • In 1782, Martin Van Buren, Future president of The United States, is born.
  • In 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies at the age of 34.
  • In 1848, President James Polk declared a ‘huge’ supply of Gold in California.
  • In 1839, George A. Custer is born.
  • In 1901, Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse and other classics, is born.
  • In 1902, Strom Thurmond, longest serving US Politician, is born.
  • In 1926, Claude Monet, the French Impressionist Painter, dies.
  • In 1932, Albert Einstein is granted an American Visa.
  • In 1933, Prohibition in the United States ends.
  • In 1945, Flight 19 is lost over the Bermuda Triangle.
  • In 1951, ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson, conspirator in the ‘Black Sox Scandal’ dies at the age of 64.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If an important story has been missed please leave it in the comments.