Daily Run Down 07/07/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • The Cost of a First-class stamp is rising 2 cents to $0.46 cents.
  • Nokia is going to sell their Wireless modem business to the Japanese company Renesas.
  • Hawaii’s govenor, Linda Lingle, has vetoed a civil union bill.
  • Audi, in the UK, is allowing customers to watch the entire repair process via a helmet camera.
  • The Bluetooth 4.0 specification is official. Devices are expected in Q4 2010 and early 2011.
  • The Kobo-powered Borders E-book store is launching today.
  • Japan is getting unlocked phones and 42Mbps HSPA cell phone technology.
  • Germany is taking some legal steps against Facebook.
  • Four pistols disappeared from Israeli Security luggage on an American Airlines flight that was accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
  • The Federal Government has requested that the moratorium on drilling be re-instated.
  • The Earliest Northern Settlement has been discovered in Britain.

Look for more stories tomorrow.