Daily Run Down 06/14/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • A Brain Scan study confirms role of Alzheimer’s genes.
  • A World War II freighter is believed to to be found off of Albania.
  • Starbucks is going to be offer free wi-fi starting July 1st.
  • Microsoft has released an update to the Xbox 360 that includes Wifi.
  • Apple has enabled iOS’s 4 Game Center for developers.
  • LiveScience has asked a question regarding rare earth elements.
  • NewCorp has purchased Skiff, the creators of an e-reader.
  • Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon IO could be a target for life..
  • Greenpeace has broken into a Swedish Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Some scientists believe Dark Energy and Dark matter don’t exist.
  • Country Singer and Sausage King Jimmy Dean has died at 81.
  • Microsoft has released the official name of ‘Project Natal’. it is now called ‘Kinetic’.
  • The FBI has revealed that Ted Kennedy received a ‘score’ of death threats before and after the assassinations of his brothers.

Look for more stories tomorrow.