Daily Run Down: 03-16-2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Windows Phone 7 will not have Copy and paste.
  • The Army has finally dropped bayonets from their training regimen.
  • This should come a surprise to nobody, but the federal government is using social media sites to nab criminals.
  • Honda is recalling 410,000 Elements and Odysseys due to brake issues.
  • The Google Nexus One is now available on the 3G bands for Rogers and AT&T.
  • Pepsi is going to cut sugary drinks form schools worldwide.
  • Microsoft has released a Developer preview for Internet Explorer 9 that supports HTML5.
  • C-span has put it’s full archives available for everyone online.
  • The new Police interceptors will be built by Chicago’s Ford Plant.
  • Los Angeles had a 4.4 magnitude earthquake this morning.
  • Canada has finally gotten some paid Applications in the Android Market for Canada.
  • 208 years ago, the US Congress enacted a law to establish West Point as a military base.

Look for more stories tomorrow.