Daily Run Down: 12-31-2009

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Rumor is that Tim Cook is going to offered the next CEO position of GM.
  • There is a patent application regarding Magic Wand by Apple.
  • The FCC is urging Time Warner and Fox to settle their dispute
  • Harry McCracken has an article on the Twelve Most Tarnished brands in Technology.
  • AT&T in response to the FCC states that the best way to prepare for pure VOIP on the backend is to end analog landlines.
  • There is a hole in the moon that could house colonists.
  • Time.com has an article on the Tasmanian Devil’s cancer.
  • Chevy si recalling 22,000 Corvettes because the roof may fly off.
  • AT&T is ending it’s sponsorship of Tiger Woods.
  • Time has a great set of articles on Those who we lost in 2009.

Look for more stories tomorrow. Enjoy your New Year.