Daily Run Down: 12-17-2009

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Autoblog has an interesting article on unintended consequences of technology.
  • Development on the 64-bit version of VLC for Mac is on hold.
  • There are some major changes occurring over at Canoical, the creators of Ubuntu.
  • It looks like Apple takes security seriously, if this piece is to be taken at face value.
  • It appears as though Microsoft is a bit less busy with Support calls for Windows 7.
  • According to reports, the Iraqi military is using $26 software to manage predator drones. Why can’t the US Military be this frugal.
  • In Germany there is a perfect case for the reason why DRM is a horrible idea.
  • The Bluetooth group has adopted low-energy standards.
  • According to a LiveScience.com article, the act of mothering may grow new brain cells.
  • It looks like the mobile versions of the Core i5, and the desktop version of the Core i3 are arriving on January 7th.
  • The Palm Eres SDK is now in public beta.
  • Looks like Microsoft is going to remove the censor from the Twitter App for the Zune HD.
  • Lacie, a leading maker in hard drive enclosures, is looking to deploy USB 3.0 drives next year.
  • And lastly today, Intel Finland has creatively re-created the Intel chime.

Look for more stories tomorrow.