Daily Run Down: 11-23-2009

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • It looks like the Core i9 processor, which isn’t even out yet, has 50% better performance than the Core i7.
  • 2.1 Million cribs have been recalled in the US and Canada.
  • IBM says that the Cell processors are at the end of the line. Which means the next Playstation will not have a Cell processor in it.
  • Despite Windows 7 only being out for a month, Microsoft is already targeting Windows 8 for 2012.
  • Fox Film CEO wants the US to Join France in their absolutely ridiculous Three-strikes law. Completely moron.
  • AOL is beginning to rebrand as Aol.
  • Some people will do anything for a Ph.D.
  • Google, in it’s continued advertising dominance, has acquired Teracent.
  • MSNBC.com is taking over BreakingNews’s twitter feed.
  • Looks like Apple’s Black Friday deals have been leaked.
  • In more bad news for the British, it looks like they will be deluged with even more rain.
  • The Canada woman who was cut off from her insurance because of some Facebook photos is fighting back. As well she should.
  • Data Robotics, the creators of Drobo, have expanded their lineup with two more offerings.
  • Jailbroken iPhones are being hit with a second worm. This one is much worse.
  • And in the Math Error for Today, 193% of republicans will support someone in 2012.

Look for more stories tomorrow.