Daily Run Down: 10-26-2009

Here is today’s Daily Run down.

  • It looks like the United Arab Emerites has signed an nuclear deal with the United States.
  • It happens every time Facebook revamps their home page. People get pissed. Deal with it, things change.
  • Apple has abandoned ZFS over licensing issues.
  • Looks like some configuration errors could be the cause of wireless congestion on AT&T’s network.
  • Looks like Walmart is going after BestBuy’s Geek Squad with a home installation crew of their own.
  • North Carolina State has created a new material that will boost data storage capacities as well as reduce energy consumption. I like this idea.
  • Monoprice has released a spare battery for iPhone OS devices for cheap.
  • Apple advertisements are going to be all over the Chicago subway.
  • End of the world prediction of “2012” is a miscalculation. It should be 2220.
  • Open source Linux Ubuntu has halted their halted free CDs.
  • Southwestern Chicago bank has been charged in a money laundering scheme.
  • There maybe a new Goldeneye if a Resume is to be believed.
  • The webcomic, XKCD has a dedication to Geocities.
  • It looks like horrible Illinois prosecutors are going after student investigators.
  • New York Times chief states that the new Apple tablet is more than a rumor.
  • Looks like Dallas police are fining drivers for not speaking English.
  • It looks like the World Wide Web is going to get some non-English top level
  • Dell is creating a solar parking lot with EV re-charging stations.
  • Harry McCracken has a great rundown of the current e-readers.
  • Looks like Chicago is halting their red-light camera project.
  • IBM has a new iPhone App that shows the traceability of food.

Look for more stories tomorrow.