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I'm going to make sure that I left everybody know that they really should backup any important files that they would rather not lose. I had a hard drive decide to whack and the Master File Table (more info here). So I'm going through the physical parts of the hard drive and attempting to recover any iTunes music, pdfs, excel files, and videos that I can... out of 78Gigabytes, thus far, I have only actually extracted 1 gigabyte of things that I want to keep. I have not yet recovered ANY of the iTunes Shows that I purchased, including Studio 60, Several free ones, and a couple of others... Luckily, I have kept all of the Apple Receipts e-mails that they have sent; so I will be creating a list, and keeping that up to date.

so I am reminding and encouraging everybody to go to File->Backup to Disc (within iTunes) and save all of the files to a Disc. It is not easy to recover the songs. Once I have finished going through the entire hard drive, I'm going to be burning an entire backup of the iTunes songs....