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Apple TV

So on Saturday I bought an Apple TV, and so Far I like it… I spent most of Sunday sitting and watching stuff on the Apple TV. Despite the amount of time it takes to transcode things to Apple TV Format from DVD, it works quite well. The only issue I have is that pixelation on a larger dark spot of black while watching ’24’, but other than that, it’s not bad at all. The setup is a breeze, and it looks really good on an HD TV, with an HDMI Cable setup. I haven’t watched a movie on it yet, so I’m not sure how those have transcoded; but I will watch one eventually.

The Apple TV, in conjunction with the 802.11N Wireless, synchronization to the Apple TV was quite fast. I like the ability to both synchronize and stream from the same computer, it makes it a lot nicer to be able to watch what I want, when I want.